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When people who are with desire to engage get ready for each other they buy some engagement rings so as to fulfill the saying that a diamond id a girls' best friend and diamonds thought to signify the marriage and since the diamond lasts forever it is thought that the marriage should last forever as well and that it is not possible to break it. But since the way the diamonds are mined currently makes numerous women to look at the diamond and feel somehow guilt because diamond may have originated from a country that is in conflict and thus the name conflict diamond. This means that a conflict diamond may have a very dark and disturbing history. Currently the brides-to-be tend to ask a lot of questions before buying the diamond for their engagement and hey prefer to buy conflict free diamonds where the mines where the diamond was mined is environmentally healthy and they would rather have some mines which will not touch their conscience.


Conflict diamonds at Tiger Gems are usually acknowledged as blood diamonds and are commonly mined in Africa under very  unpleasant conditions by warlords fighting their governments and they sell the diamonds and use the profits made to push their war and in many cases they buy guns which leads to a vicious cycle of violence. To ensure that the diamond are conflict free, the jewelries use what is called the Kimberly Process with the objective of trying to regulate the diamond trade entirely and the aim of this process is to make sure that every diamond in the market is identifiable and traceable so as to ensure the diamond was mind in a peaceful atmosphere.


 The participants who give the certification in the Kimberly process are commonly from the government miners get taxed when they bring over the diamonds for verification and inspection. Wearing a conflict free diamond makes the person wearing it to feel at peace knowing that no one was killed or maimed while the mining of the diamond was being done but when wearing a conflict diamond makes the person to feel like throwing it away because there are chances that someone who mined the particular diamond was killed or a woman was raped in the process. There are many conflict diamonds at Tiger Gems out there and if one is intending to purchase a diamond, it would be prudent to first do a thorough research to know where the stone came from. Diamonds are good and wonderful stone to wear as a decoration but they should not be the diamonds with conflict but conflict free diamonds.