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Captivating Gold Engagement Rings


There is a high preference of gold engagement rings for representing a couple's bond of love. People have different love stories and some are bound in the type of gold in their rings be it black gold, white gold or even pink gold engagement rings. That is why you will find that some couples prefer to have custom designed rings than just simply walking into a jewelry store and purchasing. Having your specially made engagement ring, however, requires special techniques in stone-setting and the expertise of a metalsmith. But this need not be a headache for you, as you can overcome it and here is how;


First, there is the design process. In order to reach your desired design, you have to work closely with a jeweler for ideas and creating the design. Additionally, decide the amount you want to spend for the rings. Consider the style and design in your budget. Then draw some inspiration from some pictures of rings you may have seen before deciding which elements you will include.


Sketch the rings in the style you have chosen, whether classic, modern or even gothic.  Don't forget to identify the jewel Tiger Gemstones that can be combined. The jewelers primarily classify the jewel stones based on clarity, cut, carat and color. The shapes are also included like round, marquise, oval, pear, heart and emerald. You should choose the appropriate shape and carat for your interest and needs.


Next thing is to choose the suitable stone. This goes into the process of making the ring at Measure the size of the finger, and choose the appropriate ring band. The band will determine the number and size of the stone that goes in it during stone-setting. Its advisable to choose the rights stone for the right bandwidth because most people wear engagement rings most of the time. So whichever stone size and shape you choose, it should maintain your comfort as it complements the ring design.


Don't forget the gold color. Gold rings usually come in white or yellow. Each type has its own benefits and also drawbacks. For example, yellow gold lasts longer whereas the white color may fade away with time. White gold is however commonly used in modern styles and is much brighter. Some couples will combine the two colors in one ring. For instance, you can have a yellow gold band with a white prong or the opposite.


In as much as you want a unique ring, considering style and type and preferences, remember to stick to your budget.